Dating Safety Tips

Cutefate is simply a social networking platform for adults with similar thoughts to interact. Cutefate is always and only a platform for communication. We hope to make online dating enjoyable for all our members, and have been making great efforts in providing security environment for users. Risks always exist in online dating. As stated in our Terms of Use, we do not pre-approve any users, nor do we conduct background or criminal checks of any nature, so you must be responsible for your interactions with other users of our service, safely. To help you be on the safe side, we have complied a list of tips below.

During Communication

1. Guard your account access information. Please be careful about sharing your information like log in email address and password. When accessing your account from public or friend’s computer, use extra caution. Cutefate will never send you an email asking for your email address and password information.
2. Be aware of language and culture differences. If misunderstanding arises, face it and communicate positively.
3. Don't lie. It is not advised to share photos or other information that is untruthful. Misrepresenting yourself during the communication might piss off your date.
4. Try upload more photos to profile, to enhance your credibility.
5. Protect your finances. Be alerted when the other users ask you for money. Under any circumstance, Cutefate will not recommend users to send money, or release financial information (for example, your social security number, credit card number or bank information) to any other user.
6. Use our online services to know the person from various aspects. Always be cautious and use common sense.
7. Report suspicious users for protecting yourself. Your can help us to improve the security of the website. Please report anyone who violate out Terms of Use.

Private contact or meeting in person

1. Please don’t provide your private contact information to the people without well knowledge with each other. Offline contact may be risky. Make sure the familiarity between you and the other side is Friend-ready before providing personal contact information.
It is important to find someone who has the same willingness to be in a relationship and similar goals with yours. Cutefate always suggest users to use as much as possible our Voice Message, Chat, Letter service to ensure a mutual understanding with each other. Happy relationships are based on the mutual understanding.
2. When you are ready to meet, be well prepared. If it is a long distance meeting, try to know more about travel tips to ensure a safe journey.
3. Let roommates, friends or family member know when you plan to get out on a date. Inform them of your plan and when and where you are going. Remember to take a mobile phone with you.
4. Meet in a safe public place. Never at your date’s home or apartment. And if possible, provide your own transport.
5. Keep personal items with you at all times.

Wish you a nice date on Cutefate.